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For a Better Plant-Based Future

Our passion is to help food service professionals, from chefs to bakers and baristas to adopt their menus towards more plant-based dishes that are good for their kitchen, diners, and our planet. We develop plant-based products and solutions centred on the requirements of different food service outlets, from a pizza and pasta restaurant to coffee shops, bakeries, hotels, caterers, and food manufacturers.


Originally comprised of four margarine companies from the Netherlands, we formed Margarine Unie and existed as such up until the 1930s. Then we joined the British Lever Brothers, merging to become the global Unilever. In 2017 we returned to our roots in Rotterdam as plant-based pioneers, expertly crafting dairy alternatives. This was the start of a new generation.

We are passionate about our ingredients, made for the heart of every professional kitchen.

“We are the authority in this category and have some of the most recognised and loved brands in the industry. This inspires our team of leaders and Associates while our values focus us” – Group CEO, David Haines.

We are for everyone, from chefs to nutritionists, farmers to civil society and governments; together we are championing for A Better Plant-Based Future with sustainable plant-based ingredients. We are Generation Plant.

about us

We craft products that do more than dairy can. This means no more workarounds in the kitchen for different diets - our ingredients solve the problem, with no compromise on flavour expectations, performance, or texture. Dairy-free ingredients with perfect mouthfeel. That rich creamy taste. Dairy-free ingredients that serve everyone. Here to help you build a more sustainable business, financially and environmentally.

Whether you serve sourdough pizzas, flaky croissants, or creamy pasta, we have a range of products that can deliver plant-based flexibility and flavour. Our experienced teams are comprised of chefs, bakers, baristas, and marketers. Working together, we rigour test our products alongside continuous market research to develop menu solutions for the future.

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A force for change

The future of food is plant-based

That’s why we work with the global food service community to ensure that chefs, bakers, and baristas are confidently equipped to build delicious plant-based dishes into their menus.

Our global population is creeping up to 10 billion. We just can’t sustain our current rate of consumption, plus diners’ needs are changing. With more conscious consumers, there is increased demand for specialised dishes that cater to ethical values, dietary restrictions, and health concerns – all of which plant-based is a solution for.

Everyone in food service has a part to play in driving the change needed to build a sustainable food system, which are responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions1. We are here to make cooking plant-based simple, so we can work towards a healthier future. Simple ingredients, used by experts, to create dishes that will keep customers coming back for more.

Work with us to achieve a sustainable food service industry. Let’s build A Better Plant-Based Future that is better for our health, better for the planet, and totally delicious.