Love is in the air, and there is no better way to delight your guests than with a special menu created just for the occasion. To help increase business this Valentine’s Day, here are some tips for creating an unforgettable dining experience that embraces the spirit of the holiday.

A “Rom-Com"-inspired menu

Dinner and a movie will always be a classic date experience. We think combining the two is a great way to create an inviting and interactive dining experience that will help build anticipation leading up to February 14th.

  • Choose a theme. Align your dishes and drinks with the themes, characters, and settings of classic romantic movies to create a menu that transports diners to a world where love is the main course.
  • Build anticipation on social media. Involve your guests in the creative process by announcing the upcoming Valentine's Day special menu and explaining the theme you have chosen. In your post(s), encourage followers to share their favorite romantic comedies and love-themed dishes.
  • Craft an exclusive menu. Let the chosen romantic comedy guide your culinary creations. Craft exclusive dishes and drinks with names that evoke the magic of the chosen film.

Amp up the atmosphere

Go beyond the plate and create an immersive, romantic atmosphere for guests. Special décor enhances the dining experience and provides a delightful setting for capturing cherished moments that can be shared and re-shared by guests on social media platforms. Having your guests act as brand ambassadors by capturing and sharing user-generated content is a great way to support your business and grow awareness and traffic to online platforms throughout the year.

  • Set the mood. Transform your space into a romantic haven using soft, warm lighting, dimmable LED candles, fairy lights, and strategically placed spotlights.
  • Create an Instagram-able (and TikTok-able) wall of love. Give your guests an extra reason to celebrate their love by setting up a dedicated photo area covered in Valentine's-themed décor. A wall of flowers or hearts provides the perfect backdrop for couples to capture and share their special moment.
  • Include props. Take the photo experience to the next level by providing a selection of fun and romantic props. Think heart-shaped glasses, cupid's arrows, or even signs with whimsical love-themed messages to encourage guests to interact playfully.
  • Encourage sharing. As the night unfolds, nudge your guests to share their photos on social media using your specific Valentine's Day event hashtag. Consider running a contest for the best photo, with a special treat or discount as a prize to engage your customers and boost your brand’s presence.
  • Plan for proposals! Millions of people propose on Valentine’s Day and are looking for ways to make it extra-special. Remind people that your location is the perfect romantic setting to pop the question in a memorable way.

Take good care of your regulars

Give extra love to your regulars by offering them the opportunity to book early for Valentine’s Day. As a token of your appreciation for their loyalty and support, extend an exclusive invitation to these guests and throw in some fun extras – flowers, chocolate, a special dessert – that will make the night even more special and let them know how much you appreciate their loyalty.

Don't let dietary restrictions play the villain.

Your Valentine's Day should be a feast where everyone has a seat at the table. Embrace the deliciousness of Violife's dairy-free offerings. Elevate your dishes with buttery textures, creamy delights, and cheesy wonders – sans the dairy. It's a flavor revolution that transcends dietary boundaries. Say goodbye to the dreaded veto vote – plan early, stock up on Violife, and seamlessly integrate these ingredients into your menu. Let your culinary creations speak a universal language: the language of flavor, freedom, and food for all. Celebrate love, celebrate diversity, and let Violife be the heart of your inclusive culinary affair!

Valentine's Day is an important, revenue-generating day on your calendar. Use these tips to cement your establishment as a go-to destination for anyone looking to celebrate. From crafting a unique “Rom-Com”-inspired menu and transforming your space into a romantic haven, to engaging with your guests through social media, you can make the evening unforgettable for them – while growing sales, welcoming new clientele and increasing your online presence. Remember, the holiday isn’t just about food – it’s about creating a memorable experience.