The Super Bowl isn’t just a football game; it's an American cultural phenomenon that brings people together to celebrate, cheer, and indulge in delicious food. Whether you're serving die-hard football fans or guests who are only there for the halftime show, one thing everyone can agree on is the importance of a great Super Bowl spread. In this article, we'll explore how to take advantage of the latest trends in Super Bowl party food to create a winning menu, plus some business-building tips to bring in new customers and drive more game-day orders.

Four party food trends to help you score big for the Super Bowl

Elevated game-day classics

While traditional game-day snacks like wings, sliders, and nachos remain a staple, there's also demand for elevated versions of these classics. Consider gourmet sliders with unique toppings, craft-beer-infused wings, or nachos loaded with unexpected ingredients like beer cheese, roasted mushrooms, and grilled onions. The key is to take familiar favorites and give them a delicious twist that will leave your guests impressed.

Global flavors

Super Bowl parties don’t have to be limited to American fare. Embrace global flavors by incorporating ingredients from around the world into your menu. Think Korean BBQ chicken wings, Mexican street corn dip, or Mediterranean-inspired skewers. Offering a diverse range of dishes will not only cater to different tastes but also add an exciting element to your menu.

Plant-based alternatives

Plant-based eating is here to stay, and that includes at Super Bowl parties, too. Integrate plant-based sliders, dairy-free buffalo cauliflower dip, or veggie nachos into your menu. Not only will this cater to all of your guests, but it also adds variety for everyone to enjoy.

Interactive food stations

Customers crave memorable experiences! So, try something fun, social, and interactive like a build-your-own-taco bar, a DIY slider station, or a customized nacho station. It encourages guests to personalize their snacks, and works great for customers with dietary restrictions provided you serve up enough options.

Increase game-day crowds and sales with these business-building tips

Enhance your game-day promo

Some examples of great and effective Super Bowl specials for restaurants include buy-one, get-one (BOGO) deals, discounts on specific menu items, combo offers, a dedicated Super Bowl menu, and bundled takeout options.*

Prepare your game plan in advance

Regular restaurant-goers often include a visit to a restaurant or ordering takeout as part of their Super Bowl viewing plans. Make sure you promote your game-day special or menu well in advance to help secure preorders.

Create FOMO with free, limited-time merch and promotions

Encourage customers to arrive early on game day to participate in promos and to get their hands on fun swag. Plus, handing out freebies allows customers to showcase your brand, simultaneously creating new conversations and interactions with your business. Don’t forget to ask to be tagged on socials so all that free swag drives up brand awareness!


When it comes to Super Bowl food trends, the key is to strike a balance between classic favorites and innovative, on-trend options. Whether you’re catering to the die-hard football fans or the food enthusiasts in the crowd, an inclusive, curated menu will ensure your Super Bowl party is a memorable and delicious success. Make your business stand out by creating irresistible deals, menus, and merch that will be hard to pass up. Get ready to score big with a winning game plan for your Super Bowl Sunday!

* Toast, 2023.