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Blue Band Margarine Original 2KG

Blue Band Margarine Original 2KG

  • Premium quality margarine
  • Long shelf life without refrigerator required
  • Made from high grade vegetable oil, zero trans fat and cholesterol
  • Can be 100% used instead of butter
  • Save up to 50% on production cost 

Gives perfect taste & flavour to dishes. Suitable for spreading, cooking, baking.

Unit weight: 2kg

Allergen Information:

Contains lecithin from soy and might contain product from milk.

Storage Condition:

Store in cool & dry place, at 25-37 degrees Celsius. The lid should be tightly closed after each use.


Palm Oil 83%, Iodized Salt 2%, Emulisier (INS 322i, INS 471), Acidity Regulator (INS 330, INS 331iii), Sequestrant (INS 385), Natural Colour (INS 160ai), Natural flavours added.


Per Serving (13 g)


11 g

- Saturated

5 g


0 mg


0 g


0 g

- Dietary fiber

0 g

- Sugar

0 g


120 g