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Blue Band Professionals

We create a range of innovative tasty products and applications to meet the needs and demands of the professional kitchen.


  • The power of scent marketing leads millions of consumers around the world to bakeries and patisseries, and Pakistan witnesses this more so. With our hearts crying out for lighter-than-air Samosas, multi-layered Patties, and our unique take on the French Croissants; the industry is dominated by the ones who can encapsulate the warmth and scent of freshly-baked and fried eateries. Our product range at Violife Professional guarantees all this goodness that makes you special, with the added benefit of standards and quality that you've always thought too profit-cannibalizing to adopt. Having spent years researching market preferences and consumer behaviors with our teams of cooks, innovators, scientists, businessmen, and all sorts of visionaries; we have cracked the code to taste without any compromise on quality.

  • The foundations of businesses are built upon happy customers and happier internal stakeholders. The increasingly diverse dietary needs and wants of your end-users must be satisfied. And that is where we come in. Violife Professional has created a diverse product range that satisfies even the most out-of-this-world cravings, simply because it soothes the tastebuds with the next best alternatives. Running a cafeteria at a college, school, or office? Preparing meals for your cafeteria? Mass-producing food to cater to entire events? Why not join our community? Our teams of professionals have joined heads to offer the best of both worlds: unparalleled quality with the added goodness of an unforgettably flavorful experience.

  • The food world revolves around taste, and our culture is particularly more flavor-oriented. We like our Tangy Tarkas and Rich-in-Flavor Gravies. What if there was a way to ensure you got the goodness of all that you wanted, without any of the dangers of unhygienic ingredients? And that too, at no compromise on taste? Magic? No, science. Violife Professionals are building a community based on the mutual love for food, on the back of the most stringent quality controls and the best of tastes. Our range of products serves numerous food industries, from mass-production to made-to-order dishes that touch your customers' souls, as you intend. Join our community!

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    Iconic Blue Band taste to bring them back. 

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